About Us


Welcome to METV, a Worldwide subscription streaming service and production company. METV offers a diverse film and television series library in many languages worldwide! 

METV. offers different subscription options to fit a variety of budgets and entertainment needs. There are no hidden costs, long-term commitments, or cancellation fees, and www.metv.info is open for service at any time. Sign up and get started today, or select an option below to learn more about the various plans and add-ons.

 We offer two services such as “individual subscriber” and “bulk subscriber”

Option A.  Individual subscribers can use it for their own personal use and share it with friends, family, or anybody!

BASIC  offers a subscription for one user

SILVER offers a subscription for three users

GOLD offers a subscription for five users

PLATINUM offers a subscription for seven user

Option B.   Bulk subscribers for business use only, *see description on website


Bulk Subscribers is exclusively available to Cable operators agency and Tv Channels, YOUTUBE Acount owners , FACEBOOK Account owners, TikTok Account   owners, and other Network owners, it allows you to purchase users and profiles to sell for cashback. Also METV allows filmmakers and producers to share their projects and films worldwide. More info can be found at www.metv.info