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The feeling of leaving your homeland behind is something that never truly fades away. We strive to help you grow a connection with your roots and celebrate the rich and diverse culture of Africa. This is our sole driving force behind launching such a platform for African movies' live streaming. Enjoy some of the most fantastic African movies online in Seattle right within the comfort of your home. 


The Gods Must Be Crazy - South Africa (1980)

The Gods Must Be Crazy is a classic comedy that has aged extremely well since its release in 1989. It is still considered to be one the most popular comedies that came out of African cinema. It focuses on the difference between two cultures and the curiosity that develops with that, making it a hilarious experience.


Black Girl - Senegal (1966) 

The commentary on colonialism and racism is what makes Black girl a must-watch. The plot narrates the incredible story of a girl from Africa who becomes a slave in Europe instead of a nanny for a wealthy rich couple. It is a powerful film that reminds us of the extensive struggle and oppression that Black people had to face once. 


Abouna (2002) Chad

Abouna is one of the finest works from the director of Chad - Mahamet-Saleh Haroun. It is a delight not just for African folks but for every admirer of world cinema. Tender storytelling from a seasoned filmmaker has made this film a classic. 


Cairo station (1958)

An unrequited love story of two young individuals made this film one of the best outcomes from the director Youssef Chahine. The film allows you to witness some ecstatic drama and passion. Chahine himself played the male lead in the movie and it is definitely a must-watch.

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