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Reinventing the Idea of a 'Home'

Featuring authentic African voices have made connecting to the homeland easier for many Africans in different parts of the world.  As a celebrated streaming platform, we house all kinds of movies and shows in multiple languages. However, we emphasize on bringing the best African movies and online web series to viewers across the globe. 

Our platform is a home for many contemporary African TV series, movies and documentaries. These shows have the power to influence a worldwide audience and bring Africa to the forefront. We have compiled the best African content under a single umbrella to reach the maximum potential audience, overcoming the regional boundary.

More Than Just a Streaming Platform

Our motto is to demystify modern Africa and its culture. is not just a streaming platform. Online movie streaming websites have become the preferred choice for so many movie buffs these days. The viewing experience is not bounded by region, countries or even continents anymore. 

Such platforms have made the global cinema accessible to people living in the farthest corner of the world. An upsurging media and economic influence have already brought African talent to the limelight. It is our goal to delineate such a diverse and affluent culture and help connect viewers through it all over the world. 

With, you can watch free African movies online anywhere in the world. Our platform also offers African movies live streaming services. Besides streaming the best web series, we also produce quality digital content exclusive to our streaming site. We give a platform to filmmakers and producers to showcase their work.